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Terms and Conditions
1. Cancellation
We do not generally favor the canellation of orders once placed, because we normally work on fast track, however, we can consider the genuine cases, please write to us and we can communicate the possibilities. However, once the work has been completed on the order it is not possible to refund. For incompleted work we may choose to refund the part.
2. Order Quality
Order Quality is entirely based on the images/photographs provided by the customer for Caricatures or portraits orders. We have specific requirement for the photos and images provided for creating the Portrait or Caricatures. Please adhere to the guidelines provided in the FAQ section.
3. Customised orders
All Customized orders are first discussed through emails and when the exact requirements are set, the quatation for the same is sent through email. The payment is received only after such quotation is approved by the client.
4. Delivery of Orders
We email the ordered output to the email address registered with us. The correct email address is expected, which can accept larger attachments, which helps avoid delays.
5. Output or Order Format
We provide high resolution A4 portrait or landscape jpg files as per the choice selected at the time of order. Larger size of output can be provided, when requested at the time of order at an extra cost.
6. Delivery Time
We normally shall take about 3 to 7 working days to deliver a product, however, we may at the beginning (generally before accepting the order) notify the customers of the likely delays because of overload of work or holidays. We request the would be customers to communicate with us through email to inquire or confirm for any urgent or express requirement.
7. Complaints or Grievances
Please write to us if you are not satisfied with your output/Product, we can do any minor modifications at no extra cost, however, may have to charge extra for any major change. Our artists are experienced and samples of their styles are placed on the website. If you are not sure still, you can write to us before ordering and we will revert back to you.
8. Rights to the output/product
The customer has the rights to use the caricature or Portraits for personal use in any media or form, like, printing it on various media or using it for online reports or articles or website. However, reselling the caricatures or portraits to other parties or commercial use is available at a speical cost. please write to us if you are seeking commercial use of the Caricatures or Portraits. We shall reserve the right to use the output we have created on our websites as a sample display. If you do not wish your output to be displayed, please do write to us while ordering.
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