I got an email update from Sherrill today, could not restrain myself from sharing

Mice & Spiders & Webs.. Oh My!
Rhyming story by Sherrill S. Cannon, illustrated and designed by Kalpart

Had to Share this one! Titled: A Masterpiece for the Young and Young at Heart.

Sherrill S. Cannon’s newest edition to her marvelous children’s books, Mice & Spiders & Webs… Oh My, probably rates among the best children’s books I have read to date.

I felt Rosie’s pain and fear at the prospect of facing her fears of Mice, Spiders, and yes Spider Webs. I knew her bravery when with the help of her mother was willing to face her fears and attempt to work through them. And I laughed at the outcome, down to the ‘female’s only.’

Never have I read a little book that charmed me so, with a message so subtly written that shows how one’s fears can be baseless.
Ms. Cannon has definitely another hit on her hands and one that I wouldn’t be surprised if it stole the hearts of each and every child who read it.
It is more than a teaching tool, more than a fascinating story, and much more than the cleverly done rhyming verse that is so popular for the young ones. It is a masterpiece, fit to join the ranks of any of the great children’s stories that have enchanted and delighted generations of young ones through the years.

If this reader whose childhood is so far behind them can find the joy and beauty in this little story, my bet is any child will also find all that and more.

The Illustrations by Kalpart, completely swept me away with the brilliant colors and how they followed the story so completely.
So highly do I consider this book that I fully intend to have a copy of my own. Not just for the little ones, but for those times I wish to laugh and remember those fears and pleasures from my childhood.

It feels so good when you get appreciated.
Thank you M. Moran Bishop, for the lovely words.
KJ for Kalpart.
– See more at: http://kalpart.com/WordPress/?p=355&preview=true#sthash.QTUl1Ufp.dpuf

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