7th Award sticker for this lovely children storybook, have a look once.

Awards won by Kalpart illustrated books
Written by Sherrill S Cannon, Illustrated by Kalpart – 7th achievement. Thanks Readers.

Yet, some more award stickers to the My Fingerpaint Masterpiece.

I love this cover so much. It is so full of life with so many bright colors.

Thank you readers for appreciating our efforts in writing and illustrating this book. Thanks to SBPRA to publish the book.

The First award for Mice & Spiders, YAY!!!!

Kalpart Illustrated Mice & Spiders with Pinnacle award sticker
Mice & Spiders with Pinnacle award sticker

The first award within a month of publishing the book –  The Mice & Spiders & Webs!! Oh My!!! this is an achievement in itself. I am sure there are many more awards coming for this book. Proud to have illustrated Sherrill’s lovely idea in this book.