Children and bedtime stories

Bedtime stories for children - illustrated by Kalpart
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The bedtime stories are a ritual which is followed generation to generation to prepare a child to sleep. When there were no books available as bedtime stories, the parent or the guardian used to create their own stories which would inspire the child to prepare for the life’s events. Bedtime stories were a powerful medium which helped the child to build up a character helping him/her to face the real world.

Bedtime stories can help imbibe the good manners and habits; it plays an important role in the child’s life and it has been proved by the researchers. The researchers have discovered that bedtime stories nourish the child to enhance his vision, ideas and reading ability. It is very important how the bedtime stories are read or narrated to a child. The well written, narrated and illustrated children book can enhance the child’s interest in the story and the books and it will inculcate a habit of reading information from any time of books. The bedtime stories include many different characters such as animals, birds, etc. and if the reader expresses and conveys these characters by hand signs and symbolic actions, along with the suitable expressions, it can help the child get engrossed in the story, and can help these different characters/animals very easily. It also develops their vocabulary as well as the pronunciation skills by observing the storytellers. Bedtime stories have also been able to help parents, guardians or grandparents to develop a strong bond with their children and grandchildren.

Despite these benefits of bedtime stories on child’s development, a survey states that only one of three parents read bedtime stories with their children. Today’s children spend more time watching TV and playing video games. A new trend of e-books have started replacing the book with the Tablets and iPhones, but these gadgets do not allow the satisfaction and belonging for the story or their favorite characters as the book can provide. It has been also stated that the children who do not get to experience the bedtime stories lack in their reading skills, while the children who have their bedtime stories every night have much better reading skills and if the child continues to explore the books growing into teen, it can built up a whole new world for child that he/she would like to get lost in and be creative.

There is a wide range of bedtime story books available in market as well as online. The selection of books must be appropriate so that the children could get education with interest and fun.

7 thoughts on “Children and bedtime stories”

  1. Daddy and I: An Evening At the Lake demonstrates the imocptanre of spending quality time with your child. As a parent, I appreciate the use of familiar, recognizable locations for the setting. And, I love that my 7 year old daughter was able to read the text independently. As an early childhood educator, I would definitely recommend Daddy and I: An evening At the Lake to anyone who is interested in being a positive role model to a child.

    1. Too many favorites. To my garodsnn, My baby you’ll be and good night moon. Reading to my little man is the best,so any book will do for that extra cuddle time. The same went for my daughter any book was a favorite when she was small. March 31, 2011

    2. im only 19 but my favorite book ever as a kid i still have i read it to my ltlite siblings and god children and will never let go of this book its called LITTLE MONSTER AT SCHOOL by Mercer Mayer’s March 31, 2011

  2. I like to read ” A Little Princess ” for kids whom I babysit. They are rellay very interest in it. Sometimes we do scenes for each chapter, so they have fun usually. That book is my favorite from my childhood too. So If you would like to read it, it will be Cool =) April 05, 2011

    1. Where the Wild Things Are was probably my fovarite children’s book as you define it but, Swiss Family Robinson was actually my fovarite it just took more than a few minutes to read, back then about 2 days had it read. April 01, 2011

      1. Im glad it helped you today. I wrote it one evnineg when I found out some of our’ kids were leaving. I wanted a way to share my love with them in my absence. For them to know it was forever even though we weren’t. I don’t know that they will ever get the letter but I still think deep in there hearts they will always know someone is out there loving and praying for them. Will lift you up today as you release your sweet little girl. Letting go is the toughest part, but even though it hurts so deeply it’s always worth a the heartache to have had these kids in our lives isn’t it. Blessings your way!

    2. Hi Brian’s Mama, you didn’t specify English or Chinese. I don’t know any cocmis that suit 3 yr old. My boys only started reading English cocmis when they were much older. We have only one Chinese comic at home and it is part of this Modern student series.Though my eldest started on Calvin & Hobbes when he was 4 or 5, due to my hubby’s influence, I won’t recommend them as first comic series due to some of the themes and language used, unless there is parental guidance. My 5 yr old likes to read the Smurfs comic series himself and be read to. You can have a look at them and see if it is anything that your 3 yr old may enjoy if read to. It is more innocent than Calvin & Hobbes, but I’m not sure if the story will make much sense to younger kids.

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