Christmas Day

Christmas Book, Illustrations

Christmas day, celebrated on 25th of December as a birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It’s a religious and secular ceremony celebrated in all over the world. The Christmas traditions vary from country to country. However planting the Christmas tree, hanging Advent wreaths, candy canes, making Nativity scenes, etc. are the common elements.

Before the Christmas, Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th of December as it is traditionally believed that the Jesus Christ was born at night. On the Christmas Eve, the family members and friends gather to have Midnight mass, special meal, Christmas music and carols, the exchange of gifts and greeting cards and also to enjoy the Christmas lights, trees and other decorations.

The Santa Claus are the legendary gift bringers, brings the gifts for children at night before the Christmas day. Because of the Santa Claus ritual, the Christmas has been one of the favorite festivals among children. In schools, many different competitions and activities are organized for the children such as; an act is performed depicting the event related to the birth of Jesus Christ, singing the Christmas carols etc., so that they could enjoy as well as understand the importance of Christmas.

The ritual of giving gifts and greeting cards has been a core aspect in modern Christmas celebrations. Therefore, a wide variety of gifts and greeting cards are available in the market. Though we want some unique gift, so, caricature and illustration is the great option to gift your family members and friends. A portrait showing Christmas celebration of your family or caricature of a person whom you want to gift is the best option as a Christmas gift

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