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Meaning of Caricature by World Encyclopaedia

Caricature from photo by Kalpart
Caricature from photo by Kalpart

caricature (It. caricare, load or surcharge) Painting or drawing in which a person is presented in a comic, often ridiculous, light by distorting their features. Caricature may be used to interpret the character of a person, event or age. The genre first appeared in the late 16th century. Hogarth attempted to distinguish between depicting character and comic likeness, but the two traditions merged. In the 20th century, many popular graphic artists have combined caricature with social and political satire, and today most political cartoons are caricatures.

Christmas Day

Christmas Book, Illustrations

Christmas day, celebrated on 25th of December as a birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It’s a religious and secular ceremony celebrated in all over the world. The Christmas traditions vary from country to country. However planting the Christmas tree, hanging Advent wreaths, candy canes, making Nativity scenes, etc. are the common elements.

Before the Christmas, Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24th of December as it is traditionally believed that the Jesus Christ was born at night. On the Christmas Eve, the family members and friends gather to have Midnight mass, special meal, Christmas music and carols, the exchange of gifts and greeting cards and also to enjoy the Christmas lights, trees and other decorations. Continue reading Christmas Day

An Introduction to Caricatures

The most recognizable characteristics of an individual is one’s facial features. Therefore it is not so much so the things that make a person look like everyone else but the quirks and uniqueness of one’s face. Lets take a well known public figure for an example. When one thinks of Mahatma Gandhi, the first image that comes to mind is a thin wrinkled face with gentle features and those iconic self made metallic wire frame glasses. It is therefore an art-form depicting someone memorable or someone beloved with the very features that make the said person’s identity unique to us. Thus an image that enhances these features of a person’s facial identity is termed as a caricature.

It is the finer details that characterise a caricature. Although not very obvious at the first glance but the enhancement of these features can define one’s personality and set the mood the image tries to convey. Journalism platforms do this on a regular basis to express certain personality traits of popular public figures. The most common muses for caricatures are political figures and actors as they can be depicted under various circumstances with the most recent events capturing their perceived images by an audience.

Caricatures have now become a very common study for artists and can be created to capture certain occasions and events on paper that usually can’t be depicted with a simple photograph. May it be a themed wedding or a birthday party a caricature can instil a certain aesthetic value to the individuals depicted in it. A skilled caricaturist can often depict events in a manner that can’t be perceived in a photograph. May it be the enhancement of facial expressions or just simple placement of shadows in certain areas along with personification of an individual’s features.

All illustrations depicted here were created by Kalpart. Not only is Kalpart dedicated to creating any and all types of caricatures it has been doing so for the last 8 years. For a quick review of the type of artwork created by Kalpart, visit www.kalpart.com