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A caricature is a portrait, painting or cartoon that embellishes or twists certain features of a person or item to produce an easily identifiable visual likeness. Usually, in drawing a caricature from photo, the caricaturist need to choose either delicately mock or cruelly wound his subject. There is no doubt it’s simply a form of entertainment and amusement in which the cartoonist use their art to make a noteworthy social or political point.
Caricaturing process has been in existence since ancient period and has been evolving ever since with time and development. Making caricatures from photo has been recently started since the time the internet has been spreading its web across the globe.  A caricature now can also be used as means to capture beautiful memories of life like personal relationships, auspicious occasions and festivals etc. The caricature from photos is true art which have grabbed everyone’s attention.

Drawing a caricature from photo, a caricaturist draws on the natural characteristics of the subject (the big ears, long nose, etc), the get individuality (stoop, scars, facial lines etc.) and vanities (choice of hair style, spectacles, clothes, expressions and mannerisms) etc. If you truly want unique caricature, hand-painted, custom caricatures from photos. However, presenting a caricature as a gift has been started as a recent trend and people choose to go for a similar and portrait style caricature which is not exaggerated to an extreme and can make the person who has been gifted with happy. The memories preserved in the form of a caricature from photo lasts much longer and brings in a happy moments of past to the present.

Caricatures can be drawn for friends, relatives and to capture happy moments like birthdays, graduation, wedding and other people of group who could have come together for a purpose or as a group of friends. You can see a lot of different types of caricatures at Kalpart.com

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  1. Your ex-boss’s philosophy is part of why many peploe have such low expectations for live caricatures, and are actually shocked when presented with a funny, spot-on one. That is, if they have a sense of humor and a somewhat accurate self-image of themselves in their heads…in that case they are better off with a giant head-teeny-body-holding a balloon one.

    1. Forgive me for being the voice of dissent here, but I cdeniosr computer manipulated photos to be highly overrated. These samples put me in mind of the glut of greeting cards out there featuring photos of pups and kittens with huge heads, bulbous eyeballs and a mouth full of grinning teeth. Personally, I find those things rather unpleasant to look at.In short, this type of imagery is putting real cartoonists out of work, and hand-drawn cartoons are infinitely more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. As one who specializes in caricature myself, I regard the computer manipulated counterpart to be a very low form of art, lacking genuine wit or insight into the personality of the subject. Just one man’s opinion of course…

    2. I wouldn’t say that phmottanipulaoion is a lower form of art than hand-drawing caricatures, just different. It still takes a good sense of judgement and an artistic eye to know what looks good and how to manipulate the image in a way that produces something that will actually make an individual laugh. I think a lot of artists feel threatened about how accessable “art” has become because of the many computer programs that make it easy, but they don’t realize that there are still artistic qualities required to make something that is truly great. Yes, some phmottanipulaoions will be vapid and pointless, but there are just as many hand-artists who suck at what they do. You can’t write of a medium because of its worst pieces.

  2. I had a caricature done of myeslf in 1995 at Worlds Of Fun in KC, MO. I didn’t know ho the artist was but I was actually impressed- especially since it was the first time I realized I looked a lot like my father and had his eyes and smile. Just my two cents

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