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Answers to Questions
1. Why caricature?
Caricature is an art of making a funny face. It is like a cartoon drawing of your own face and body. Any feature/features of your face are exagerated and yet the resemblance to your face is not fully lost, so as to recognise the identity. Our artists can create the caricatures which look funny yet good and never ugly. That is why you can use these caricatures for your corporate business cards, greeting cards and can be engraved or printed on your official accessories or the stationary. You can also send these, decent yet funny and cool caricatures to your friends and relatives as a gift. Make couple caricatures for wedding, valentines day present on cards, or as a teaser card. Our caricatures are created digitally, so as to give you faster and clean output and the best part is, these caricatures are very much affordable to all.

2. Is it secured to pay through this site?
Yes, it is very much. When you click on "Pay Now" button, you will be taken to the safe and secured payment gateway services of Paypal or CCAvenue, as per your choice. We do not save any payment or card data on our site, to remove any chance of loss or theft of your important data from our site. The payment gateways we connect with are fully secured and trusted payment partners used by international customers.
3. What types of cards for payment are accepted?

Check https://www.ccavenue.com/payment_gateway.jsp for options of payment provided by CCavenue.

AMEX is not our choice of card, so we do not accept it

Paypal accepts all major Credit cards.
4. Can order once place be cancelled / refunded?
Generally not, but in case of special cases we may do so, please write to us and we can consider. However, once the work has been completed on the order it is not possible to refund. For incompleted work we may choose to refund the part.
5. Your Input:- What type of images (photos etc.) can be sent?
While sending images for your orders, please do take care that the images are -
  • Of a good quality, not stained or damaged,  clearly visible, the output shall be from the image, in the same pose often, unless a different requirement
  • The file size of image is not more than 1mb
  • The image size is atleast 6 to 7 inches wide
6. How do we get our order delivered?
We can send you the finished output to your email address and also send a ftp link to download. This link shall be valid for a limited period of time. Please provide correct email address which can accept larger files, to get your output without any hassles.
7. What shall be the format of the output?
We provide high resolution A4 portrait or landscape jpg files to you as per your choice. Larger size of output can be provided, when requested at the time of order at an extra cost.
8. How much time does it take to receive our order delivered to us?
We normally shall take about 3 to 7 working days to deliver your product, however, we may at the beginning (generally before accepting the order) notify you in case of likely delays because of overload of work or holidays. It would be advisable to write to us while ordering if you need an urgent output.
9. What if I do not like my output?
Please write to us if you are not satisfied with your output, we can do any minor modifications, however, may have to charge extra for any major change. Our artists are experienced and samples of their styles are placed on the website if you are not sure still, you can write to us before ordering and we will revert back to you.
10. Is the final output my own property?
You have the rights to use your caricature for your own purposes, printing it on various media or using it for your online reports or articles is your right, however reselling the caricatures to other parties or commercial use may attract some special fees, please write to us if you are seeking commercial use of the caricatures.
11. About the rights for the output.
We shall reserve the right to use the output we have created for you on our websites as a sample display. If you do not wish your output to be displayed, please do write to us while ordering.
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