Kalpart - Children's/Kid's Story Book Illustrations, for price in US $
Kalpart Caricatures and Illustrations
Reviews from our current under production books authors -

I am absolutely speechless.......STUNNING illustration. Gives me goosebumps. The vivid color, the depth, the manipulation of light, the concave/convex shapes. Way above and beyond my expectations. Much, much respect to you. You are genius.
- Ryan Fowler - author of Best Feeling in the World


I'm at a loss for words. Absolutely stunning illustrations! I just cannot get over the exacting attention to detail. You guys are such insanely talented artists! So glad and honored to have you and your team bringing Dara and the Zinglefinners to life. Keep up the beyond fantastic work.
- Walton Sehl - author of Dara and the Zinglefinners


Well done on your superlative work. It seems you have no limits to your extraordinary talents.
I absolutely adore these scenes and I just wish I was a kid again, but looking at your work I feel I am one, in some form!
- Glenn Trevethan