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"IT'S AN OUTSTANDING SUCCESS!!! Everyone is continuously commenting on the illustrations and how wonderful they are. It's the first thing they comment on. And, they seem to especially love the cover as well.
I have yet to hear one bad response to the illustrations. In fact, the illustrations have helped me to recover the few readers who share the same single criticism that I have received: the length of my children's book. Due to the fact that their children love the illustrations, they are able to entertain their children and keep their attentions, whether they read the whole thing or not.
So, once again, as I'm sure I've said many times in the past, thank you oh so very much. Illustrations, as you already realize I'm sure, do wonders for a children's book. I am truly appreciative of the fine job you've done on mine."

- Holly Minix
Mischief in the Mushroom Patch

I just wanted to take the time to thank you, for the beautiful art work that you brought to life on the cover of my book, Mischief in the Mushroom Patch. I was asked by my publisher to describe the cover I had envisioned for my book, I knew immediately what it was supposed to be! Though my publisher loved the idea, they couldn't create it, and that is where you came in.
You so carefully listened to what I had to say, to each specific description, and so patiently made the changes that I requested. Your professionalism, not to mention your amazing talent, made working with you a pleasure.
I remember so clearly, the day I saw Lilly, Boris and Jack...the day we got them right! The characters had been with me for so long, and with you for such a short time, and yet, because of your skill you managed to bring them to life! They are, especially to me, simply beautifully! And your cover is always the first thing everybody notices!

- Amanda M. Thrasher

Kalpart designs is a team of artists who have worked on plenty of books with different genre with an effective book cover designs and all these books are published. Our clients are around the world in various countries like - United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Hong kong and Japan.

The best, published book covers by Kalpart.
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    Change-Your-Focus-Change-Your-Life-Moore-Kalpart-SBPRA-CoverDesign     Love-Beyond-War-Anderson-Kalpart-SBPRA-Coverdesign
    The Arii_Thaisen_Kalpart_CoverDesign     Dying to Live Death May Be a Second Chance_McElrea_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    Incidents a Moore Field School_Moiser_Kalpart_CoverDesign     New Attitude_Julius_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    The Ringer_Bowden_Kalpart_CoverDesign     Fin and Noola in Between_Watson_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    Beneath-the-Bare-Light-Bulb_Risley_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Beyond-Deceit_Westbrook_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Dreams_Najafi_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Building Our Own Home the Hard Way_Denison_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Dear Diary_Courtney_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    Bounce The Beginning_Williams_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Dying to Live_McElrea_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Covers/Echos & memories_Didier_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Escape the Labyrinth_Tarr_Kalpart_CoverDesign.jpg  Forgetful_Mann_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    Forward_Okonigene_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Gods Eyes on the Lost Sheep_Joseph_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Guns of Justice_Rawlins_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Maka_Marion_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Song of the Unicorn_Ward_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    Straight-and-Lethal_Antico_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Why Urban Rural Underdeveloped Communities Will  Never Develop in South Africa_Sokhela_Kalpart_CoverDesign  The Big Photograph of Sir Ahmadu Bello_Sam_Kalpart_CoverDesign  The Day I Said Goodbye to the Birds_Sharabiani_Kalpart_CoverDesign  The Diaspora Returns_Willisomhouse_Kalpart_CoverDesign
    The Diaspora Returns_Willisomhouse_Kalpart_CoverDesign  The Same Old Stories_Huddleston_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Tilly_Nash_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Unknown Identity_Stewart_Kalpart_CoverDesign  Vaulted Home_Amaral_Kalpart_CoverDesign
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Authors speak

I had to e-mail you to let you know I received my 1st copy of my book. I tell you, I love the pictures. You really did a great job on the pictures. All I could do was look at the pictures. Potato looks like has soo much potassium and I can't get over String Bean Red shoes, Broccoli looks like he 's been up all night drinking with his afro hair do. And Corn on the Cob looks like she think she all that plus a rack of chips. I just sit and laugh at those pictures then I decided to read the story. Thanks so much for doing such a great job.
- Charlotte Raybon
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