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Our caricatures are used on party or wedding cakes, or framed and savoured for a life time.
www.kalpart.com Color Wedding Caricature
Our wedding caricature is only $65
click on the photo and choose CA7 as your style to order the style below.

www.kalpart.com Color Wedding Caricature
To order a caricature like the photo below only for $26
click on the photo and choose CA7 as your style
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To order a caricature for yourself like the photo below
click on the photo and choose CA9 as your style
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Get a perfect printable black shaded caricature from
your photo starting from just $12.98 , our printable
color caricatures are only for $22.98 and onwards.
Our clients are usually around the world in a variety of countries like -
United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia,
Bangkok, Hong kong and Japan.

Option to pay in various currencies like -
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Order your car caricature as a picture above
only for $58

A wedding is a ceremony to celebrate the union of two hearts in an eternal bond of love. So why not step off the beaten path and get the newlywed couple something unique? A Wedding Caricature is an excellent way to add fun to a wedding party or gathering. An artistically created Caricature Picture is a piece of art that can be so irresistible to look at and will remind your guests of the great time they had at your event.

Want to give your wedding favors a personal touch? Check out Kalpart.com’s personalized wedding Color Caricatures to give the couple something they will treasure for life. Our Caricature Maker creates unique individual caricature for each wedding or special event -- the caricatures are ideal for use as guest sign in boards that can then be framed to remind you of your special wedding day or event time after time.

Caricature Photo -- A Surefire Way to Liven Up Your Wedding Celebrations at Kalpart.com…

Weddings by nature are big event that creates a lifetime bond between hosts and guests. Make sure it is remembered by giving your guests a token of your appreciation. Our Caricature Photo artists can make your event a blast! We provide each couple with dedicated personal attention they deserve, while ensuring the unique wedding caricature created for every client is as enjoyable for their guests as it is for the couple themselves.

Kalpart.com, the best online caricaturist provides unique and high quality wedding caricatures and prides itself on satisfying customers’ needs. Select from our wide range of personalized wedding caricatures and make your favors really unique by having your names and wedding date printed onto the gift itself.

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These are the best caricatures I've seen.

- Tony Turner

Finally! A reliable and talented company who do a great caricature for a decent price!

- Bob Schumacher

Excellent work in a professional and flexible manner. On time with excellent results.

- Kathy Williams
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